I do good lunch.

by | Oct 3, 2008 | Food, Henry | 0 comments

Yesterday at kindergarten pickup the Other Kindergarten Teacher came over to me and said, “I want to tell you…we help the students during the first ten minutes of lunch, and I am really impressed by the lunches you pack for Henry! They’re great!” Once I got over my terror that she was going to chastise me for not including more nut-free candy in Henry’s lunch, I realized she was being very, very nice. It felt good to be praised by the Lunch Police. Though it did make me wonder a bit about what other lunches are getting sent, if Henry’s lunch is looking stellar enough to warrant comment. Usually he gets two or three nut-themed items (peanut balls, PB&J, granola bar, a random handful of some kind of nuts), some kind of fruit (an apple and mandarin oranges, mostly), and a rice cake (he thinks they’re dessert and I haven’t really led him to believe otherwise). Oh, and water. It’s not like I’m making some kind of bento box or anything. What is everyone else getting? Go-gurt and beer?


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