In a Pickle

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Bad Kids | 6 comments

It's totally normal for your kids to pin a pickle to the bulletin board, right? From World of JulieDear Children:

In the future, please do not pin pickles to the bulletin board. We are not amused.


The Management

P.S. Ok, we’re slightly amused.


  1. Joanna

    Tee hee. i am so amused. Looks like a slug from here!

  2. Julie

    Joanna, it took me about a full minute to figure out what it was!

  3. susan

    Has anyone ‘fessed up? My money is on Eli….

  4. Julie

    Oh, ha, Susan, I didn’t even have to ask. Of course it was Eli.

  5. Nancy Fairweather

    Looks like a dehydrated finger! Grooooooossss! 😀 I love your kids.

  6. Hannah Holt

    I first thought slug as well. The pickle looks a little sad and lonely. Perhaps it needs more pickle friends.


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