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I’ve never been much for monogrammed things (too Alex P. Keaton). But then I had kids, and somehow became completely obsessed with putting giant initials on the walls. Just search on eBay for “sign letter” or “vintage sign letter” and you can find all sorts of nifty old letters from movie marquees and Midwestern gas stations, most for under $10.

Here’s Henry’s H:

And Eli’s E:

I like that the H and the E are both white-enameled metal, but different fonts. (Sort of like how the boys are both From Us, but are their own fonts, if you will.)

With Zuzu, I went a bit nuts. We’d finally gotten our Z name (fairly glad, in retrospect, we didn’t name Eli Zebediah). So Zuzu gets a silvery Z that stands on its own:

And a cool vintage postcard, which I put in a floating frame, so you can turn it over to see the message written in 1907:

She also has her whole name spelled out in wooden letters, courtesy of our friend Martha:

I don’t know if the kids particularly care. Will it be the sort of thing where, later, they’ll be really psyched to have their childhood room decoration, or will they view it as babyish and like a vestige of Mom, and therefore something they want to avoid? Time will tell. I think they’re really cool, at any rate.


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