Jonah Lehrer, and me!

by | May 15, 2012 | about-books | 0 comments

Jonah Lehrer and I are on Brain Burps About Books today! Ok, ok, so we’re not on at the same time: Katie is interviewing Jonah Lehrer (author of Imagine: How Creativity Works), and (separately) I do a review of Nursery Rhyme Comics. I do think it’s perfect that Katie picked this review out of the ones of mine she has (did you know this about me? I love doing picture book reviews so much I send her bunches of them at a time, instead of just my required one-a-month), because Nursery Rhyme Comics is the most creative bit of creative creativeness that I’ve seen in forever. It’s brilliant.

You can see more information about this podcast episode here, or listen directly by clicking here.


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