Land of the Lost

by | Nov 5, 2008 | housekeeping | 1 comment

Ever since I started majorly decluttering, things started to go missing around the house. And yes, of course I’m worried that I accidentally decluttered them, but I don’t think so. These are fairly large things. Where are my black Dansko clogs? I can’t find the Shutterfly photo book I made for 2007; where on earth did it go? And just the other day my everyday earrings, this great pair with square green beads that my neighbor Meagan made, completely disappeared. I know I didn’t get rid of them. I wear them all the time. And now suddenly they’re not in their place on my little earring holder.

My only hope is that when I lost four placemats for about a year, we found them later behind the drawers in the built-in cabinet in our dining room. So this stuff might be hiding somewhere. Of course, we didn’t find the placemats until we completely ripped out the lower half of the built-in so Dave could make it into a desk for me, so it’s highly possible that the lost items are hiding in places where we’ll never find them.

What bugs me is that you’d think as the house became less cluttered, things would be much easier to find, not the other way around. Perhaps this just proves that we still have a long, long way to go on the clutter-removal front.

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  1. Clog

    The problem with my totally decluttered house is that I am always putting things away in that “very safe place”, only I can never remember where that was. If I find it, I then put it back in the first place that I looked for it…..of course this problem may be aging which I refuse to admit.


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