Little Camera Lost, come blow your horn

by | Jul 1, 2009 | Julie | 1 comment

My camera has gone missing. I think I dropped it at Mackworth Island yesterday (it was a good summer jar outing despite that). Or maybe I dropped it at Whole Foods right after that. It’s a little surprising because I generally obsessively check every ten seconds to make sure I still have my camera and keys, but I think I was distracted by managing all three kids at the Mackworth Island bathroom.

I love love love my little Canon Powershot SD1000. I realize now that I take photos constantly. I feel practically unmoored without it (this is why I don’t have a cell phone or an iPod, because then I’d be all jangling with electronic implements hanging off my person at all times).

So this post is just to say that if you happened to be at Mackworth or Whole Foods yesterday, and picked up the little camera in the lime green case, it’s mine! Can I have it back? Thank you.

(Or, if you happen to be a representative of Canon and want to send me a new camera, that would be ok too.)

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  1. Lisa

    We actually did go to Mackworth island yesterday…I was curious what all the commotion was at one of the bigger fairy houses and looked closer to see a little photo shoot by a little fabulous male fairy saying “work it girl” to the little model fairy dressed in a stunning little goldleaf number. The whole time I was thinking “hey, that camera is NOT a natural addition to the fairy houses…wtf, who put that there?”.


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