Lost Cup Reunited with Owners, Film at 11

by | Sep 26, 2008 | housekeeping | 3 comments

We went to the Cumberland County Fair last Sunday, and on the way back from watching the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride (which was fun but they kept pushing how great it was to join the RCMP, and Dave and I kept wondering: Don’t you have to be CANADIAN?), we found a Klean Kanteen bottle in the grass, nestled in a little Built NY cup holder. Here was someone’s cup system, pretty similar to ours, lost and abandoned and looking so sad lying alone in the field (note to self: stop anthropomorphizing water bottles). Plus I knew it was like a $30 system lost there. I picked it up and brought it home (the long lost college kid in me still thinks, “Free stuff!” when I find something, but the moralist in me wants to find it a good home, and is somehow thinking that we’ll give this water bottle a good home) (ok, really need to stop considering feelings of things made of stainless steel).

This is all a very long-winded way of saying that I brought it home and took it out of the holder, and the cup had a name and phone number written on it in permanent marker. Tra la! So I called the number and the people were psyched that their expensive cup system wasn’t lost, and came over to pick it up. They thanked me profusely, and I thanked THEM profusely for giving me the idea of writing our name and number in permanent marker on all our stainless steel cups. And I felt glad to return the kitten water bottle to its rightful home.


  1. Paticus

    You didn’t, by any chance find a hot pink water bottle that says…um…Sexy Daddy on it, did you ? It belongs to…um…my…um…friend. And I…I mean, he…would really like it back.

  2. admin

    Yeah, there was actually a big pile of them. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police made everyone remove anything too brashly American so as not to alarm the horses. (This didn’t prevent them from using Creedence as their opening song, however.) (Seriously.)


  3. Paticus

    Well, Creedence is from Seattle or thereabouts, right ? That’s kinda like Canada, isn’t it ?
    I don’t really know, I’ve been down here in America’s wang for so long, I don’t know where anything is anymore.


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