Madcap Capers

by | May 21, 2009 | Zuzu | 6 comments

[Preliminary note to Anne: prepare yourself for capers.]

Zuzu is obsessed with the refrigerator (in the manner of all crawling babies since refrigerators were invented) (before that crawling babies were obsessed with the root cellar). If I open it, she moves across the room in half a second, flings the door wide, and starts exploring. Sometimes I move her away and close the door, which of course causes her to whine and shriek at the indignity. Other times, I’m sorry to say, I am too tired to deal with it, and I just leave the fridge door open and watch the ozone hole erode further while she investigates the door condiments.

It was on just such a day when I not only let her explore, but, I believe, actually left the room for a while. When I returned I found her sitting proudly on the floor, having opened the capers and spilled out a small snack pile (see photo, by her right foot, the thing that looks like a lizard turd). She ate them all and never made a face or anything. That’s my girl!

[Postliminary note to Sarah: do you like how I took all the clothes you gave me and put them on Zuzu at once, in a way that makes no sense? I’m still figuring out how to dress a girl.]


  1. Anne

    Oh my word. That’s quite the sophisticated palate; certainly more sophisticated than mine. Bring on the piccata, I guess!

  2. emily

    wow! shoot, I serve him capers every once in a while, in tuna-spiked pasta, but these days, post-100,000 readings of “Jeremy fisher”, in which I stupidly made the trout that tries to eat him say “plegh!” when he spits out jeremy fisher, wylie now really revels in the opportunity to say “plegh!” and spit stuff out that is unexpected. capers, two nights ago. sigh.

    on the other hand, loves salmon, with mustard coating, so maybe a chance. good thing too, since next year will have to pack kosher “dairy lunch” and I’m pretty sure salmon will be on the menu in various forms MANY times during week. (tried falafel the other day, thinkng falafel could be my new ikea meatballs …but: “pleah!” Hey! Maybe I’ll try smoked salmon and capers on him this weekend! thanks for inspiration!

    what’s that rule? you gotta put something in front of them like 7 or 10 times before they’ll like it? but usually they like it after the 7th or 10th time?

  3. Sarah

    she can pull it off!

  4. Stacey

    Go Zuzu! I’m impressed that she even got the jar open. And I’m happy I got out of there this morning without her putting a dent in my lovely loaf, which is now half consumed, all by me. That’s good stuff, thanks again! Hope the shots came out ok and I don’t look too much like a teen-age boy.

  5. Stacey

    Wow, you work fast! Just saw the photos are up already. Hope you get some sales!

  6. Julie

    Emily, I think the rule is actually something like 15-30 times. But I will say that, while I love love love capers, I completely get why people don’t like them (same thing with mushrooms, and stinky cheese). And if Wylie ends up not liking capers, I think he’ll manage in life. But yeah, keep capering him and eventually he’ll come around.

    You’ve got to figure out better lunch options. You’ll go broke feeding him SALMON several times a week!

    Stacey, she was so close to denting your loaf. She just sees bread bread bread and doesn’t process that you were holding the guest bread, and that there was more bread in the cupboard. You got out just in time.


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