Meringue ghosties

by | Oct 26, 2011 | baking, holidays | 7 comments

So we have a Halloween dessert potluck at our homeschool co-op tomorrow. I had planned on making owl cookies, but it turned out we were out of butter (what? shocking, I know! I always assume that I have several pounds of butter in the freezer).

“Let’s just make meringues,” I said. Mostly thinking that cookies that are more-or-less two ingredients would simplify my life. And thinking that I maybe don’t care if they’re not actually Halloween-themed (confession: Halloween is not my favorite holiday).

“Yeah!” said Eli. “And let’s stick on little chocolate chips and make them into ghosts!”

Well, yes! Let’s! Suddenly these were going to be even better and more Halloween-themed than the owl cookies, even.

You can see that everyone was very, very serious about sticking on the chocolate chips. You can see that it is not actually that easy to fashion meringue into a ghost shape using a pastry bag. But! They do look appropriately spooky. As long as your definition of “spooky” is “tilting, haphazard ghoulish-type figures.”

If you’re in any sort of situation where you need to make Halloween goodies, I recommend these. Just make any old meringue recipe, glob the stuff into ghost shapes, and stick on mini chocolate chips. Easy.

In other news, am I the only person who continually mixes up the spelling of meringue and merengue? Maybe these are dancing ghosts, doing the meringue merengue.


  1. Sylvie

    Those are great! You should add some music to the blog as it looks like they are all slithering around to some funky music.

  2. Julie

    Oh yeah, people love it when blogs suddenly start blasting music. 🙂
    You can just put on your own music and imagine them dancing accordingly.

  3. sabrina

    Fab that Eli actually came up with that ! I always do a happy dance when my daughter does or says anything creative… It secretly makes me feel I’m not doing a too shabby job raising her 🙂 (of course, having a creative kid not only depends on how we raise them, but also on who they are, but hey, as a mum i’ll take any kind of confirmation ^-^)

  4. Stacy S. Jensen

    They look great. Either my son is too young for an activity like this this year or is it that I’m too old. Sigh. Then when he becomes old enough then I’ll be older. Hmm. I’m sure next year will more spooky at our house. Found you via the Twitter follow. Do you have a way to follow the blog via email? I wasn’t able to follow via the RSS this morning.

  5. Julie

    Hi Stacy! See, I think a craft/cookie like this is perfect for old, tired moms. It took about five minutes of hands-on time (for me — they did the chocolate chipping).

    You should be able to subscribe to the RSS if you click on the little orange square in the upper right hand corner (right about the unlabeled search box — you’d think I was all about minimalism or something). I should add an email subscription widget. I’ll let you know when I figure that out!

  6. Sutswana

    I love these! And I vote for the merengue-dancing meringues, with music. Maybe with maracas. And macaroni, um, hats. Enjoyed with a glass of merlot.

  7. Lisa van O

    I love love love how both Henry and Eli are holding their hand the same zen way, forefinger to thumb, in order to will the chocolate chips to go where they need to. Namaste ghosts.


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