“Mom” business cards

by | Feb 28, 2009 | Julie | 4 comments

This is an idea I think I would have written off as cheesy not too long ago, but since I saw the Mommy Business Cards at Many Little Blessings, I’ve run into about six situations where they’d come in handy. Today, after telling, and respelling, my email address to a carpenter, I finally sat down and printed up a sheet of them (I picked Molly). So now I’m telling all of you. It may be very Suburban Mom of me, but it’s also awfully useful.


  1. Anne

    Those look just like my wedding invitations!

  2. Julie

    Oh my goodness, they totally do! Well, I loved your wedding invitations.

    Dave thought they looked like caffeine molecules.

  3. Angie @ Many Little Blessings

    I’m so glad that you’re able to use them! Thanks for the link back about them! And, I had to laugh about the caffeine molecules — that would be so perfect for my life. 😉

  4. Julie

    I love them! Though now of course I haven’t had any opportunities to hand them out, and I’ve been carrying them around eagerly waiting to give them to someone. It’s hard not to hand them out to random people just because I think the cards are so cute, but I think that’s probably not the best idea.


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