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Sometimes I pull things out of Henry’s backpack, and I just have no idea what the backstory is. This says “I can run and juggle at the same time” (or, actually: “I can ran and jagl at the sam tim”) which took me a while to decipher before I noticed the helpful visual aid. What was the assignment? Henry lies as well as I do (that is: not very well at all) and so this isn’t the sort of thing he’d just randomly write down. I guess it’s better than “I can drive and talk on a cell phone at the sam tim.”

At any rate, it made me laugh (especially the smiling juggling stick figure), and I’m all for ridiculousness wherever they can cram it into the curriculum.

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  1. Sarah

    Annika loves to drive her toddler car around while talking on her toy cell phone. Should I be worried?


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