My first finished knitting in more than four years

by | Jul 31, 2009 | crafts | 6 comments

Well, my recent dive back into knitting has produced its first finished object: a scarf made out of Patons Pooch.

It’s pretty fuzzy and cuddly. Zuzu picks it up and holds it while sucking her thumb if her blankie is unavailable. Henry has been wearing it as a belt. I started this scarf years ago, and I remember buying the yarn, but I’m not sure what exactly my mindset was. I mean, it’s nice, I guess, but it kind of looks like Muppet vomit. Were scarves like this trendy a few years ago? I’m having a vague memory of a fuzzy scarf craze a few winters ago when I started this scarf. Patons Pooch is now discontinued, which says: a) I started knitting this scarf in 1843, and b) no one liked this yarn so they stopped making it.

So there’s the scarf. I’m sorry, what? Why is Eli wearing a dress? Because they were playing castle and someone needed to be queen. Sheesh, do you even need to ask?


  1. Clog

    I love the way Henry’s look is saying “OK Mom, my mind has already left you and I am on to the next project”.
    I guess that would also be a reason to finish projects…before they go out of vogue.

  2. Kate

    A dress? No big deal there. Hugh and Ian were playing over at their friend Olivia’s a few months ago and I turned around to see that Hugh had dressed himself up in a little pink tutu and plastic high heels.

  3. Elizabeth

    Love the expressions on Henry’s face. I just saw the trailer for the Valentino movie and he is ready for the runway. Those novelty yarns were big a few years back – between 5 and 10 years ago, I think. I knitted some disastrous things with them. One was a hat that looked like a crazy lady’s swim cap. Wish I had a photo. I also knitted a gift for a friend’s daughter with some fuzzy pink stuff. I’m sure that your kids will find all kinds of great uses for that scarf! Oh, and Eli looks cute in that dress.

  4. Patrick

    Eli’s dress looks like the one Marlon Brando wore in “The Missouri Breaks”.

  5. Sarah

    Henry looks just like Twiggy!

  6. sutswana

    Muppet vomit, ha! Look out, Crayola, you’ve got color-naming competition.


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