New post on Nerdy Book Club: The Alligator at the Door

by | Jun 4, 2015 | writing | 0 comments

I have a post on Nerdy Book Club today, about how weird it is to have an idea I came up with while cooking dinner turn into a book that people will be able to read.

Here are some bonus fun facts about Snappsy and the Nerdy post!

Bonus Fun Fact #1! The Snappsy illustrations included in the Nerdy post have never been seen by non-Snappsy people! In fact, I hadn’t even seen them until two days ago!

Bonus Fun Fact #2: Snappsy was originally pitched as “Stranger than Fiction” meets Chloe and the Lion.

Bonus Fun Fact #3: It was surreal to see drawings of Snappsy, but not a huge surprise. I mean, I already knew he’d be an alligator. It’s right there in the title. But I wrote about a narrator too, and I didn’t say who or what the narrator was. It was exciting and nerve-wracking to see the first illustrations where the narrator shows up, and to see how amazing illustrator Tim Miller imagined him. I love who the narrator is. (I’m not telling.)


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