New Review on Brain Burps: Another Brother

by | May 30, 2012 | about-books, Children's Book of the Week | 4 comments

Check out my new review on Brain Burps About Books today: Another Brother by Matthew Cordell.

Here’s what I love about social media: Darshana Khiani from Flowering Minds is my Goodreads friend, and she sent me a message saying she thought I’d like this book. (Side note: check out the recent interview with Darshana on my fellow Brain Burps contributor Julie Hedlund’s site.) So I love that we are all trying to be our real selves online, so much so that someone I’ve never met or even exchanged emails with can tell when there’s a book I’d like.*

Or, more true: a book I’d LOVE. Oh boy is this a great book. Yet another one that had my kids screaming with laughter, and definitely one I was happy to read again and again, because it’s so funny and the illustrations are so darn cute I want to curl up and take a nap with them.

This podcast episode is Part 2 of Facebook-Questions-Answered with Robyn Bradley, so don’t miss it! You can see the info on the episode here, or listen directly by clicking here.

*Do I love that we put our real selves online, or do I find it creepy? A little of both, honestly. And I realize that there are many, many people who are not putting their real selves online, but who are making up whole alternate personae, but whatever, those aren’t who I’m talking about. Or maybe they are, if I could accurately recommend a book to someone’s alternate persona.


  1. LoriO

    What’s creepy about being your real self online? For the record, I’m my real self.

  2. Julie

    The creepy part, I think, is what other people might do with the information about your (or my) real self. I tend to think people are good and honest, but I’m pretty easily stalkable, if messy, tired, frustrated women with chocolate smudges on their pants was a segment of the population worth stalking.

  3. Darshana

    Thanks for the shout-out Julie. That is kind of you. I just really wanted to hear your take on the book. I loved the way you picked up on the nuances in the illustrations.

  4. Julie

    Well, thank you so much Darshana for telling me about it!


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