Ok, so I won't be absent, but at least it's done

by | Oct 23, 2008 | thirty second post | 4 comments

I just dropped off my absentee ballot at City Hall. It feels kind of strange to have the voting done with. I’m usually such a voting geek and love to go into the little booth, but they’re predicting all kinds of lines this year, and, Civics Be Damned, my baby needs to nap.

I was unreasonably nervous voting, even though I was in my own dining room. I kept running my finger back and forth: “Obama…this circle, ok, so…Obama. Would be this circle to fill in. Right? This circle. Ok. Ok. Obama is this circle.” I felt like one of those Palm Beach senior citizens from 2000.

If you’re in Maine, get your absentee ballot here. Mine came the day after I requested it.


  1. Sutswana

    Do you happen to know if I could also just go to City Hall and vote there prior to The Big Day?

  2. Julie

    Why, yes you can! They even have little voting booths set up and everything!

  3. Sutswana

    My dad just stopped by after having done just that at Portland City Hall. Most importantly, he was sporting one of those “I Voted Today” stickers, which are what make the voting process most exciting. Truthfully, I was putting off voting absentee because I didn’t want to miss out on a sticker. Like daughters, like mother, yes?

  4. Julie

    Oh, it’s all about the sticker. I realize now that’s why I had an empty feeling after voting yesterday. If I’d had my wits about me more maybe I would have thought to ask for one. As it was, Eli and Zuzu were sitting outside city hall in the stroller, being watched by an employee who was outside on her smoke break (she seemed trustworthy enough, and frankly I was so relieved to not have to take them out of the stroller for what should be a 40-second trip inside that I was overjoyed when she offered).


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