Perfect Picnic

by | Jun 17, 2009 | Henry | 1 comment

Today is Henry’s last day of kindergarten. I’m really looking forward to having him home again, to having long leisurely days, and to having him have time to do all the elaborate art projects in his head (and to work on our summer jar, of course). And to more days like the day a few Saturdays ago: the neighborhood posse was blissfully absent, and Dave was cleaning out the garage while I cleaned out the shed. I unearthed our beach umbrella. Henry stuck it into the yard, and I offhandedly said it looked like a good spot for a picnic. Henry then worked for two hours to set up a picnic: tablecloth, plates, silverware, glasses with milk or water, strawberries, mangoes, peanuts, and buttered bread. By the time he finished it was 5:15 which meant…that he had made dinner! I was giddy. It never even occurred to me that I could train them to make dinner at age 5. At any rate, it was a terrific picnic, and I’m hoping this summer inspires other activities like this (note: I do truly mean “other creative Henry activities” and not “other times when he takes over the dinner duties” although I won’t complain if that happens also).

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  1. Christina

    Wow- can I borrow Henry to come set up some creative activities at my house (and dinner too)?! I love to see how his mind works- how fun. Hope he has a great summer!


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