Photo drawings

by | Mar 2, 2010 | activities | 0 comments

Henry and Eli in a pocket.

Inspired by an ancient kid craft book from my own childhood, Henry begged me for days to take photos so he could make them into photo drawings. I finally had a minute to take a bunch of photos and print them out, and it was totally worth it. While he didn’t make anything amazing, he spent hours working on cutting out the photos and inserting himself and his siblings into such wacky scenarios as crawling into an apple, pouring out of a jug of maple syrup, and riding around on blood cells.

Eli watched the whole thing like it was a performance art piece being put on for his own personal benefit, and they both thought the whole thing was hilarious. Let me repeat: this occupied them for hours. Totally worth the 15 minutes it took me to print out some photos. And it’s such a good rainy day activity, that Henry even drew them all as raindrops (inspired by the Magic School Bus, I’m sure).




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