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by | Feb 11, 2011 | clutter, housekeeping, Julie | 5 comments

Hi all! Make sure you check out my awesome neighbor Adriane‘s contribution to the new show, The Storytellers, at the Glickman library. If you’re not in Portland (and even if you are), explore the blog for her project, Plunder the Influence. She asked all kinds of people in her life to submit photos of their books and describe something about them: either how they live with them, or specific important books, or even books they have loaned and wished they hadn’t. I’m totally mesmerized by all the book photos. So many different ways that books are in our homes! And make sure you check out the books of yours truly.


  1. liz

    what a great idea for an art project — it’s one of those ideas i wish i’d thought of! i love looking at people’s bookshelves, including my own. i’ve only gotten a chance to skim through adriane’s site, but so far yours is one of my very favorites, julie! maybe because it’s so familiar…

  2. Julie

    Is it so familiar because you’ve seen it, or because it kinda sorta looks like yours? I haven’t really had a chance to read all the entries on Adriane’s site, but I am completely transfixed by all the photos. It also underscores my theory that almost everyone’s house looks cool in photographs. Even cluttered bookshelves look interesting and design-y in a photo. We are reminded of this every year when we do our end-of-year photo book for the kids, and we’re always amazed by how much better our house looks in photos than in real life.

  3. liz

    hmm. i don’t think i spent enough time gazing at your bookshelves when i visited you, so i guess it’s familiar because it’s like the cousin to my bookshelves. we still can’t part with most of our kids’ books and picture books, although i’m brutal when it comes to culling the adult-type books… and i’ve noticed that about photos of my house too (it even looks better in video than in real life).

  4. Clog

    We learn so much about people by seeing what is on their bookshelves. Can’t do that if you only have Kindle!

  5. Julie

    So true! A photo project of people’s Kindles lying by their bedside would be so much less interesting.


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