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Eli gives Ramona her first bottle.

Zuzu joins in. And no, I have no idea what's happening with her hair. But I could look at Ramona's feet all day.

What had Zuzu been eating? I don't know. But I will say that all three older kids cuddle with Ramona whenever they get the chance.

As you can see.

I just want to eat her legs up. I really love changing her diaper, just because it gives me the opportunity to play with her bare legs.

She's still got some of that newborn acne going on. When does it end? I can never remember.

Bathtime. Everyone participates.


I do know what she'd been eating here (peanut butter). I guess I should take the washcloth to her face a little more often.


  1. Jessica

    Wow, fabulous! I have been checking in for Ramona updates. Thanks for taking the time (which I’m sure you don’t have much of…) to post these. The family looks happy!

  2. Clog

    I cannot believe how much Ramona has grown! Great pictures.

  3. liz

    i don’t miss that much about my kids being babies, but i do miss baby legs! sweet, sweet pictures, julie.

  4. Kate

    What a lovely girl and how nice to see her so loved!

  5. Lisa van Oosterum

    love her! And modeling so many of Roxie’s old outfits!

  6. Julie

    Lisa, Ramona would essentially have no clothes if it weren’t for Roxie’s old clothes. I was also thinking about that Dutch toy you have, that would be so annoying in English but was charming and educational-seeming in Dutch. Same thing with the clothes: make the label in Dutch (or, at the very least, have European sizing) and suddenly clothes that might be boring in America look charming and chic.

  7. Beth

    Ramona is so cute! I love her eyes…and her European wardrobe is to die for.

  8. clairefalatko

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