REI Paddler Hat

by | Jun 19, 2009 | Parenting | 4 comments

I do try my best to apply sunscreen, but honestly it’s mostly like trying to grease a cat. So thank goodness for hats. I think what I really want is some kind of kiddie sombrero, but, barring that, our hat of choice is the REI Paddler Hat, which is so great that every time we go out strangers stop me and ask where I got them. It has a super-wide brim, nice ventilation on the crown, and it floats, though honestly we’ve never used that feature. It must be a comfortable hat, because Henry often wears his all day long. We’ve got three of them. I see they also have a girl version, though for some reason it doesn’t have the same big ventilation on the crown, and has daisies on it, so just get the cooler-looking blue for your girl. Not everything your girl wears needs to be pink and covered in flowers.


  1. Clog

    I got a similar hat in light blue/light gray, which is very cool in every sense, from Sierra Trading Post for $19.

  2. Anne

    I’ve always admired these hats on Eli and Henry. Sam has a similar one (a safari hat from Gymboree) and it’s definitely become His Beloved Hat. He has a thing about the sun (“I don’ like the sun!”) so he wears it out all the time and gets a ton of compliments on it. Good to know where I can procure the authentic Falatko Hat when Sam eventually outgrows his current one!

  3. Anne

    Ah, and the girls’ hat comes in a groovy purple. I like that. I’d wear it.

  4. Elizabeth

    I have an aversion to applying sunscreen, too. Did you know that they now have sunscreen spray for kids? Aveeno makes it and so does Neutrogena. Much better than trying to evenly apply lotion to a writhing child.


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