Return of the Bad Seed

by | Sep 24, 2008 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

The Bad Seed is back. Two days ago he was riding his scooter around my driveway (scooter? that’s what those things are called, right? the two-wheeled skateboardy thing with a big handle?) (worst description of an object ever, sorry). I gave him stinkeye the whole time, and Henry very helpfully told him, “I’m not allowed to play with you ever again for the rest of my life!” To Bad Seed’s credit, he burst out laughing, and in a good-natured “kids say the darndest things” way, not in an evil “bwa ha ha ha” way.

But then yesterday he actually rang my doorbell and asked if he could come over and play. I said, “No, Henry needs a snack” which makes little to no sense but I decided that Bad Seed is just a kid and so maybe it’s not nice to say, “Hell, no, and never ever again you little twerp.”


  1. Beth

    Wow, this is one I haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with yet. How do you keep your kids away from the bad seeds? I think you handled it the only way you can–if you keep saying “No, sorry, we’re busy,” he’ll eventually give up and stop coming over, right? (Maybe not, though. Kids don’t have that inner translator, the one that says, “Oh, if she keeps saying no, it must mean I should stop asking…”)

  2. admin

    Luckily the Bad Seed seems to have — for the moment — gotten the message. He definitely doesn’t have that inner translator, though, so I’m expecting to have to deal with it again at some point. Dave always shoos the kids away like they’re dogs: “G’wan now! Go home! Go!”


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