Reusable Produce Bags

by | Feb 4, 2011 | Food, housekeeping, Julie | 0 comments

I am so embarrassed by how long it took me to buy reusable produce bags. I’ve had reusable grocery bags for years now, so why was it only this month that it dawned on me to get produce bags too? Maybe I was waiting for the market to be full of options. Seriously, how many plastic produce bags have I put oranges in, paid for, brought home, and immediately recycled? I used it for, what, an hour?

I got two different kinds. I got a five-pack of fine-mesh bags from Flip and Tumble, and a two-pack of large bags from Blue Avocado. I’m glad I got all of them, since sometimes the bags live in the fridge with produce in them, and the large ones are good for holding things like the six billion apples my children go through on a weekly basis. The Flip and Tumble bags will hold about eight apples, and the Blue Avocado bags will hold about twenty apples. The Blue Avocado ones are also good for big things like kale. I am glad I got the smaller bags too, though, because they’re less bulky, so they fit a little better in the produce drawer in the fridge.

Now, you go be green about your greens too!


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