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by | Jun 3, 2016 | writing | 2 comments

1Hi! You’re all so nice. You look really great today. Can I give you a present? Yes? Hurray!

You know all those great proverbs? “A stitch in time saves nine.” “Don’t shake the porcupine.” And “You’re supposed to give people a free eBook for signing up for your mailing list.”

I’d heard that last one, but as a traditionally-published picture book author who spends my writing time mostly working on more picture book texts, what on earth would my free eBook be?

And then! One day! I remembered! That I spend a lot of my writing time talking about writing on Twitter. And sometimes writing blog posts for places like the Nerdy Book Club. And that maybe, just maybe, you’d want all those words from my head about writing were compiled into one document.

I’ve gathered all those blog posts and writing-related tweets, divided them into sections like “first drafts” and “revising” and “writing and parenting,” and made them into a free ebook for you! All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list, and you’ll get an email with the link to download as a PDF, ePub, or mobi file. And then, when I have new book, event, or writing news, you’ll be sure to get it! (My newsletter is infrequent, but I like to know who you all are so I can keep you up to date if I have anything to report.)


  1. Elayne

    Oooh, I kind of want the Writing in Small Doses guide! Is this still a thing?!?!

    Enquiringly yours,

    • Julie

      Ha, I still have it. I’ll email it to you. Do note that it is all tweets, mostly, so it’s very 2012, you know? I should probably read it over before I send it to you. (Will I read it over? Probably not.)


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