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by | Jun 4, 2009 | Parenting | 4 comments

For the first three years of his life, Henry acted like I was spreading hot lava on him whenever I tried to apply sunscreen. I tried everything: sprays, wipes, sticks, lotions, creams, all different brands. (There’s also a long story about how I tried to make it better by doing a little song and dance, but I was actually scaring the wits out of him and making it much worse.)

And then one day I randomly tried Jason Family Sunscreen, and Henry declared, “Hey! It smells like a mixed berry smoothie!” Now he’s mostly fine with the daily sunscreening, only protesting a weensy amount that it’s cold. Ok, he’s still a pain about it, honestly, but at least sunscreening him is possible. Before I pretty much had to sit on him, and even then it didn’t work.

The Jason sunscreen is one of those “physical blocker” ones that doesn’t leech gross chems into your kids.  It rubs in quickly, which is good when everyone is running away while you’re trying to smear it on them. And it really does smell pretty darn good.

I will also say that I was really happy when I discovered that Vitacost.com, where I also get the boys’ multivitamins and fish oil vitamins, has the Jason sunscreen for half of what it costs in the store. Now I just order ten tubes of it at once and keep one absolutely everywhere. (Vitacost also has my favorite Shikai shampoo and conditioner for cheap.)


  1. SereneBabe

    you are the bestest resources out there on the intertubes!

  2. Sarah

    Jaya swears up and down that sunscreen makes his “neck sore”. How is this possible?
    Nice find on Vitacost.

  3. Julie

    If I told Henry about Jaya saying sunscreen makes his neck sore, I’m fairly certain he’d nod sagely and co-opt that phrasing for every sunscreening session from this point forward.

  4. Annette

    I was always frustrated smearing squirmy kids who wanted to run away and play. I keep another sunscreen upstairs and apply it as they get their suits on. That way they are still clean, dry and motivated to stand still. I can also get better coverage not having to work around bathing suit straps and clothes. I’ll have to check out vitacost. Thanks!

    P.S. Maybe the sore neck comes from massaging tender muscles there. It’s not the sunscreen that hurts but perhaps the application.


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