Sweet sleep eludes us

by | Jun 17, 2011 | Ramona | 2 comments

What is Ramona doing these days? What, I ask you? There is something going on, something that is causing me to think in italics and causing her to give up sleeping, pretty much. Why, why was she awake from 9:30 p.m until 1:00 a.m., I ask you? Clapping. She spent the whole time laughing and clapping. And then only napped for an hour, and then didn’t go to sleep until 10:30 the next night? She is thinking about standing, and thinking about talking, and thinking about food, food, food. But are these reasons to stop sleeping? Not for me, they aren’t.

So here I am, exhausted. And here she is, exhausted, clearly. You’ll be happy to know that I managed to get her from this position into her crib for another paltry hour-long nap.


  1. Liz

    i hope that you also took a paltry nap when she did…i hope that was possible! sheesh, BABIES.

  2. Sutswana

    But look at your subtle air of victoriousness shining through the sleep-deprived haze! Great photo.


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