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The Tooth Fairy has visited us twice in the last few weeks. (Ok, well, the first time she kind of forgot about it and had to sneak back in the morning, very sneakily, while Henry was awake but Eli still asleep on the bottom bunk. Frankly we’re impressed she pulled this off.) Losing teeth makes me think Henry is such a big boy. Which I tell him, to his delight and embarrassment.

The Tooth Fairy pays 25 cents for teeth in this house. I have been hearing stories of $5.00 or even up to $15.00 per tooth. That’s madness, people! Madness! These kids have a LOT of teeth!

I used to put an apple in Henry’s lunch every day, and now I can’t.


  1. Clog

    That is quite a haircut!

  2. Julie

    Sometimes you just have to hack away at the mass of hair until you can see the boy underneath.


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