The Language of Zuzu

by | Feb 4, 2011 | Zuzu | 15 comments

Now offering classes in Zuzu 101, Conversational Zuzu, and Advanced Conversational Zuzu. Note that I am still a beginning speaker myself. Um, and note also that Iris’s house is clearly a lot cooler than our house.


  1. liz

    this reminds me of isaac circa 1999. i watched a video of him recently and i had forgotten his very particular isaacspeak. my favorite was the way he said “yeah,” which had a “v” sound in front of it every single time (actually, he would insert a “v” in front of lots of words for no particular reason). “vyeah.” his preschool teacher couldn’t understand a thing he said, but mark and i were fluent in isaac. also, he would point to the camera periodically and say, “what dat do?” and now he’s a filmmaker. i think zuzu looks pretty interested in the camera too (although she’s clearly more fixated on this iris person and especially her house).

  2. Julie

    Vyeah! Love it!

    That’s why I’m trying to video it all now, because I know I’ll forget it. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to video Eli during the one-month period when he called me “Bobby.”

  3. liz

    bobby! i love that — my nephew went through a long period when he called his dad, my brother adam, “daddum.” i know, it’s so hard to record everything you don’t want to forget, but even getting little bits on film (or written down) is worth it. so that you have movies to sit and watch and cry over after they’ve all left the nest. no, not really. or, kinda really.

  4. Aunt Sandra

    Oh, Julie, I’m so glad you have started back on your website! What a little sweetheart Zuzu is! It’s so fun to get a sense of where they are in this life!

  5. Clog

    Oh, makes me realize how much I miss her!

  6. Clog

    And you!

  7. Sutswana

    Oh how SWEET! Is she edible or what?? I will have to show Iris and Miranda.
    We still mourn the fact that Iris no longer pronounces “think” as “flink.” I flink so. I flink I can. What do you flink? You get the idea.

  8. emily

    Oh jules, how well I know that moment: “do you want to tell me a story? No.” Sigh. She’s making big progress by the looks of it, though! go Zuzu!

  9. Julie

    Oh, love “flink” also. Want to put “vyeah” and “flink” together somehow. Good cat names?

  10. Jessica

    Absolutely adorable. In every way.

  11. Lisa van Oosterum

    Flink and Vyeah make me miss coming up with names for the baby…Roxie no longer calls books “butts”. Read me a butt. She still gets the hip-hops (hiccups) though. I wish i had videotaped more.

  12. Julie

    Lisa, Zuzu says both of those! Well, kinda. It’s more like “read me a boot.” And she gets the hippups. And sometimes the hittups.

  13. Julie

    I also need to video her saying “mine” which she says as “mynch” and she says it when she really means “my.” Like, “that’s mynch boot.”

  14. liz

    my niece stella says “me,” as in, “that’s me cup!” and “no, miles, that’s me cheese.” (miles = her dog)

  15. Julie

    Like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit!


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