The Little People Visit Washington, D.C.

by | Mar 12, 2009 | Henry | 5 comments

I love coming upon little Henry vignettes. He doesn’t do them nearly as often as he used to (the woman-walking-away-from-accident one that is my banner above is my favorite of all time, which he did when he was younger than 2). This one perplexed me until I got down onto the floor to photograph it, and then it became immediately clear that the Little People were visiting the Museum of Natural History and the Air and Space Museum, just like we did.

I would guess that the guy in the green hat is the tour guide, except we didn’t take any official tours. Maybe knowledge of tour guides is something innate that he just figured out on his own. (Yeah, that makes sense, Julie, I’m sure it’s not Possibility #2: that the people on the rock are just a random configuration.)


  1. Anne

    I love the dinosaur casually strolling by in the background. It adds nice dimension.

  2. Anne

    Oh! I also just noticed that one of the Little People’s eyes are grayed out. Is that a scuff on the toy, or did you not get a photo release from that particular Little Person?

  3. Julie

    Yes, that’s right. She’s a minor and I couldn’t get a release from her Little Parents.

  4. EMILY

    I wonder about the screw on its side. Must be something. I think it’s overturned by accident, and it was serving as the velvet ropes or dividers taht museums use to funnel people into the right ticket line and such.

    wow! did he really do that one at 2? I don’t know whether to be more impressed by him for doing it or you for noticing that it was a vignette!

  5. Julie

    I think the screw on its side means that part of the museum is under construction.

    I think he wasn’t even 2 when he did the Woman Walking Away from Accident. And it was very obviously a vignette. I mean, the books were all neat there, and then there was this little scene in front of them on the shelf.


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