The Muppet Book

by | Dec 3, 2009 | Henry | 8 comments

I love this so much I can hardly stand it.


  1. liz

    i love it too. i can hardly choose which one is my favorite. but i think it might be “becer.”

  2. Clog

    Who is Camille? Is she a new character in the last 30 years?
    This is truly wonderful especially his phonetic spellings which are right on. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, although when I used to watch it with you, I was rather fond of the Swedish chef.
    Do you remember Boppa used to love to watch Sesame Street with you?

  3. sutswana

    This is great!! The facial features are right on. Please have your resident author continue this series.

  4. Julie

    Camilla is a chicken who is also Gonzo’s girlfriend. She’s a Muppet Show original cast member, as far as I know. I just noticed it looks like her name is “Chamomile.”

    Eli’s favorite is Swedish Chef, no question.

    In classic Henry fashion, he had plans to do a page for every Muppet character, but abandoned this project after doing three.

  5. Anne

    I love it! And I’m kind of glad there’s no page for Elmo. And kudos to the artist for tackling the more detailed and complex Swedish Chef before the way-more-simple Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.

  6. Christina

    Oh you must frame these!

  7. Kate

    Love it! What a talented artist Henry is — he’s boiled down the nuances of each character with such deftness. The pictures sparked a whole conversation with the boys about the Muppets and then we watched all the Swedish chef videos they had on You Tube. I wonder when Hugh is going to draw some characters.

  8. Dakusaso

    Animal! Kermit! Miss Piggy! Prof. Buntsen Honeydew throwing bananas! Oh, do continue!!!


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