The Neighborhood Posse pulls it together

by | Oct 24, 2008 | Parenting | 1 comment

The best use of the neighborhood posse thus far: the other day they raked the leaves in our yard. They had a great time raking them into a pile and jumping into it, and they actually did a fairly fantastic job of clearing the yard. Some ran home to get rakes, some just bent over and swept the leaves with their hands. I kept hearing screams, but every time I looked out the window, expecting to find them setting one another on fire or something, they were just gleefully playing in the leaves. When I went out to tell Henry and Eli it was time to come inside, they were grabbing handfuls of leaves and putting them in the neighbor’s yard, which isn’t strictly ethical, but – ahem – might be kind of a little bit ok with me as long as the neighbors didn’t see it happening. I mean, it could have been the wind, right?

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  1. Sarah

    I’ve totally been using Jaya to bag leaves this fall. Isn’t this what we have kids for?


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