The week ahead

by | Apr 18, 2009 | housekeeping | 0 comments

Ok, so just to warn you, I have a massive giant the-majority-of-your-grade-rests-on-this paper/project due on Monday, and then another paper due on the 27th, plus it’s school vacation week, so I can’t promise much in the way of posts. Though I might also be procrastinating mightily, which often leads to some lovely posting. And I already have some posts in the hopper for next week. So I’m not sure what I’m saying, other than to give me a break if it’s not daily.

Vacation week started off with a lot of breakdowns and whininess and general re-entry issues, which didn’t really level off until Friday at 4:30, so let’s hope that the week as a whole works itself out and isn’t one of those imploding horror shows. I’m actually really glad to have Henry at home and give him the chance to be in his pajamas all day working on his Projects.

Ok. Over and out.


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