Time to vote in The Undies!

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Snappsy | 0 comments

Do you peek under book jackets? You should! The past few years have seen a rise in creative case covers (that’s publishing-talk for the hardcover under the book jacket). Case covers might have a secret joke, or hint at what’s to come in the book, or just show something different, a special surprise for those who know to look.

You’ve looked under the Snappsy jacket, right?

You have no idea how thrilled I was to learn there would be a different cover under the jacket. Such a fun surprise!

And now the amazing book people Carter Higgins and Travis Jonker have created awards to celebrate creativity under the covers: The Undies.

Check out Carter and Travis’s posts with their shortlists for different categories, and vote! You have until Monday, November 28th to get your votes in!

p.s. Don’t forget that you have a week to sign up for Danielle and my Writer’s Digest webinar, How to Succeed as a Children’s Book Writer. My post about that is here.


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