Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School is available now!

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Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School is now in the world!

To answer some quick frequently asked questions I get about this book:

  1. Yes, it’s a series. The second book will be out January 2019, and the third book is coming summer 2019 (and more after that, but those are the only ones I know the dates for right now).
  2. It’s not a picture book. It’s a chapter book/middle grade. It’s heavily illustrated, and there is fun font stuff happening, so it’s a good one for kids who get overwhelmed by a lot of text on the page. Officially the age range is second to fourth grade, but I think that’s loose depending on the kid.
  3. I don’t know what this means at ALL, but the reading level is this: Lexile: 540L, GRL: P. Scholastic Reading Level: 3, Word Count: 20727

You can find all the buy links on the book’s page on my site, or check it out from your local library!

Here is some praise, so you know it’s not just me tooting my own horn (though I’m happy to toot this horn) (I’m really proud of this book).



Booklist, starred review


GIGGLE-INDUCING SHENANIGANS ensue when two loyal dogs hatch a plan to save their human boy from school.”

Kirkus Reviews


“The book’s SLAPSTICK HUMOR AND GAGS play largely on the dog’s superior sense of smell, love of meat products, and obsession with squirrels.

The design and typography WILL BE APPEALING TO RELUCTANT READERS…A GOOFY offering for readers who like over-the-top fare.”

School Library Journal


“You had me at ‘two dogs in a trench coat.’ Julie Falatko heads to illustrated middle grade territory with a book that


School Library Journal/100 Scope Notes


Mr. Schu Reads


“Received this WONDERFUL book in the mail written by @JulieFalatko with art by Colin Jack with a FANTASTIC premise!”

Dan Santat / @dsantat, author/illustrator of Beekle and Sidekicks


“I was lucky enough to get an ARC of TWO DOGS IN A TRENCH COAT over the holidays.

It is a TRULY HILARIOUS buddy comedy! Kid readers will love it – mine did!”

Christina Soontornvat / @soontornvat, author of The Changelings series


“My first read of 2018 was @JulieFalatko’s TWO DOGS IN A TRENCH COAT GO TO SCHOOL,

and is such a fun book!!! ADORABLE, FUNNY: Waldo and Sassy are such good dogs.”

Lauren Magaziner / @laurenmagaziner, author of Pilfer Academy and The Only Thing Worse Than Witches


Tim Miller / @TM_Illustration, author of What’s Cooking, Moo Moo?


“YOU GUYS, their TWO DOGS IN A TRENCH COAT is seriously SOOO Sneak Attack Funny! (I ACTUALLY spit coffee at the line/visual,

‘And he licked the skeleton’s thigh bone.’ GENIUS!!) IGNORING ALL MY CHORES TO READ MORE NOW!”

Ame Dyckman / @AmeDyckman, author of Wolfie the Bunny and You Don’t Want a Unicorn!


“It’s funny. It’s CHARMING.”

Dev Petty / @devpetty, author of I Don’t Want To Be a Frog and Claymates

HILARIOUS and well done.”

Lauren Eldridge / @eldridgestudio, illustrator of Claymates

“Umm, @JulieFalatko I think you have a winner on your hands. The kid is TOTALLY ENGROSSED.”

Minh Lê / @bottomshelfbks, author of Let Me Finish and Drawn Together


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