Two new reviews up at Katie Davis’s podcast

by | Dec 14, 2011 | Julie | 3 comments

Yeah, so I totally missed the fact that I had a review on Brain Burps About Books last week. Where is my head? I review Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Al Pha’s Bet on last week’s episode. The episode is all about making ebooks, and it’s a super-technical episode, but worth listening to if you have any interest in publishing an ebook yourself. And it’s worth it to get to my review at the end, after which Katie totally made me blush by calling me cute and funny and says she loves my enthusiasm. Hee! You can see info on the episode here, or listen directly by going here.

And then on this week’s episode, I review Nothing Like a Puffin by Sue Soltis. This was the first review I did after I got a new microphone. Katie had complained (or, well, nicely and casually prodded) that my old mic made me have too many popping p’s. And then, unintentionally, I recorded this review, which had roughly 70,000 p’s in it. I had to edit out this long, anxiety-ridden pause when I suddenly heard myself saying the thousandth plosive and wondered how ridiculous it sounded. You can find out more about the episode here, or listen directly by going here.


  1. LoriO

    I think “Thousandth Plosive” would be a great band name.

  2. Julie

    It would, except for the fiftieth time you said “Thousandth Plosive” out loud, you’d think, “Should have gone with ‘Third Plosive.’ Easier to say.”

  3. LoriO

    I’ve tried, and I can’t actually say “Thousandth Plosive” out loud even once. It comes out “Thousandth Plothive” every time.


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