Warm gingerbread and cold milk: the answer to your troubles

by | Oct 8, 2008 | Food | 2 comments

We made this gingerbread from King Arthur Flour yesterday afternoon, and it was amazingly yummy, and very easy, and we had all the ingredients on hand (yes, I randomly had buttermilk in the fridge). There were some kind of offbeat directions (adding the wet ingredients to the dry in a strange order, and not all at once, and some were premixed together and some weren’t), but it was pretty quick to make. I didn’t have a 9-inch square pan, so I made it in an 8-inch, and it did have to bake a bit longer to get done in the middle. Make a batch of this right now so you can be properly autumnal.


  1. Anne

    My mom emailed me this recipe and I’m eager to try it. I doubt Sam and Pete will help me eat it, though. Why am I the only person in the house with a sweet tooth? It gets really lonely around the cake pan, I tell you whut.

  2. admin

    You know, they MIGHT like it, since it’s equally bready and desserty. I haven’t felt too awful letting the boys have some with breakfast if they want. You could definitely put whipped cream or ice cream all over it to pimp up the dessert factor, but I thought it was almost better shining all by itself on the plate (though Henry’s friend Miranda, who helped us make it, looked at me like I was totally off my rocker when I told her I didn’t have any whipped cream to go with it). Report back on whether everyone liked it, or whether it was just you and Rupert.


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