Whoooooo's making cookies? (yeah, sorry)

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Food | 0 comments

Last week we made the owl cookies from Handmade Detroit (via Craftzine). I am usually not a fan of cookies that call for refrigeration, but in this case it worked out well, because there was some kind of kid meltdown and we ended up making the dough and then not making the cookies for a few days. Not only are the cookies adorable, but they’re chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies, which I’d eat if they were shaped like something not nearly as cute as owls (chocolate peanut butter oatmeal slug cookies, say). The boys had a great time adding eyes and beaks. The only glitch was that I totally overcooked them, since I was thinking they were going to spread like in the photo, but they didn’t really spread at all. (Dave later told me that if cookies are going to spread, they’ll do it right after going into the oven, and so cooking them for longer waiting for spread doesn’t make any sense. Why didn’t I know this?)

The boys add beaks (cashews) and eyes (chocolate chips).

Henry's owls.

Overcooked, but still delicious, cookies. Theyll be better next time when cooked the right amount of time.

Two owls bask in the sun before being gobbled up.


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