Whoopie Pies for a Soggy Solstice

by | Jun 25, 2009 | baking | 9 comments

What better time to try a new cookie than at a solstice party (even if it was the zillionth rainy day in a row)? (Ok, I realize that this is yet again just a ridiculous justification for cookie baking.) We were going to Marcus and Lisa‘s for a solstice party, and I’d promised to bring cookies, so we whipped up a batch of peanut butter whoopie pies, which were a lot easier than I thought they were going to be. I was surprised that they actually puffed up into the proper little cakey cookies, and I was sure everything was going to fall to pieces when I spread on the peanut butter filling, but all held just fine. I got the recipe from a Martha Stewart Cookie magazine that came out a few Decembers ago; you can see the recipe here. Yum! Enjoy! Definitely more festive than regular old chocolate chip cookies (which had been my original plan).


  1. liz

    oh my. those look so good i just may make some today (i am bringing dessert to a friend’s dinner party – what a perfect excuse)!

  2. Elizabeth

    I grew up eating whoopie pies, living in PA Dutch country and all. Have you noticed that they are now everywhere? The NY Times loves them. I have my mom’s original recipe, as well as her pumpkin whoopie pie recipe, which is even better. I also remember eating red velvet whoopie pies. And, I found a carrot cake whoopie pie-like recipe in Gourmet, too. All yummy. Is it a cookie? A cake? A pie? What’s not to love? I’ve never seen this recipe before, though. I must try it soon.

  3. Mo

    Drool. I wonder if I can get our HS intern to bake me some since I can’t bake again for 3+ weeks…

  4. Julie

    If I made carrot cake whoopie pies, I think Dave would be the happiest man on earth. Must find that recipe.

    Liz, just so you know, someone has already worked out a vegan version of these; I found it when I was searching for the original recipe. Just so you don’t go nuts with butter conversions, when someone else has already done the work. Though it looks like a fairly standard veganization. But still. http://makemethod.vox.com/library/post/peanut-butter-whoopie-pies-vegan.html

  5. Julie

    Mo, isn’t that what interns are for?

  6. Mo

    That’s what I think but my boss may not agree. Maybe if I share the whoopie pies….

  7. Julie

    Maybe if you call them “Lawyer Cakes”? Or…wait! Wait! “Whoopie Torts.” Oh, I crack myself up.

  8. Mo

    Whoopie Torts are hilarious!

  9. Lisa van Oosterum

    Whooooopie…these were SO yummy. I totally want to try to make them. Thank goodness that Marcus made those delicious chicken legs or those whoopie pies would have stolen the show 🙂


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