Yes to carrots!

by | Dec 17, 2008 | Food, Zuzu | 2 comments

Hurray! There’s nothing like first food, I tell ya. Last night, after Zuzu grabbed at everything on Dave’s dinner plate, we finally decided that maybe we should just feed the poor girl some solid food. She downed an entire jar of carrots, mostly by feeding herself and delightedly lapping at the spoon (third kid: no highchair, and you have to feed yourself). And I have to say that most of it ended up in her mouth. It’s clearly smeared around a bit here, but I think it was really only about a tablespoon that ended up on the face and bib, and the rest: in the belly.

(I understand the concept of giving babies rice cereal as their first food, but Henry gagged on it when I gave it to him, and then I tasted it, and it was so awful. It seems kind of mean to be like, “Finally! Here’s what you’ve been watching us all enjoy! Oh, and by the way, what I’m giving you is terrible!” I do introduce food slowly, but I think the first food should be something tasty. Therefore, carrots. I’m fairly certain she would not have eaten the gummy soap-flavored rice cereal with such gusto.)


  1. Anne

    This is adorable. A-DOR-able. Carrotty Zuzu!

    >third kid: no highchair, and you have to feed yourself

    I had to *grow* my own food first.

    Sam actually really liked rice cereal, though we did mostly mix it with applesauce or some other fruit puree.

  2. Julie

    Hahaha grow your own food! You probably had to get a job and buy the plot of land first also.


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