Yes to…carrots?

by | Oct 30, 2008 | Julie | 3 comments

I don’t wear any makeup. Who has time? And if I did try to cover up my crazy-dark undereye circles, I’d have to really spackle on the concealer, which would snowball into so much makeup that soon I’d look like Gregg Allman in drag (this stems from an irrational fear of mine that in the wrong light I look like Gregg Allman, and my hair’s tendency to part itself in the middle no matter what I do doesn’t help).

But stll, I like girly things, and it’s fun to at least think about makeup. So when I’m somewhere like Target, I tend to wander down the makeup aisles, and consider products called lip stains, and then put them back, knowing I’d never wear them. But I do sometimes get taken in by skin care products, since if I’m not going to wear makeup, my skin had better look fabulous, non? It was on a just such a recent Target adventure that I saw something called Yes to Carrots C the Difference Exfoliating and Soothing Mud Mask for Dry to Sensitive Skin. It seemed like everything I needed (I need exfoliating! I need soothing!) so I thought, “What the heck. I will say Yes to Carrots.”

Last night I tried it. It’s glamorously old school (mud mask!), and the directions for use actually say, at the end, “Check out your skin and see how pretty it looks!” If anything, I am a Direction Follower, so I did as I was told, and I have to say, it did look good. Plus it was all smooth and soft. Yes to Carrots, indeed. I’m sold. I look forward to their subsequent skin care lines, No to Rutabaga, Tentative Maybe to Water Chestnuts, and I’ll Have to Get Back to You About Pinto Beans.


  1. sutswana

    Gregg Allman?? No way. You must stop beating yourself up. Though come to think of it, I might resemble Edgar Winter on a bad day in bad light. He’s worse, no?
    I just went to the carrots site and thought it was a joke when I saw they also do Yes to Tomatoes (oily to combo skin) and Yes to Cucumbers (oily). Alas, nothing about pinto beans. But I will try it! Suddenly my tried and true Body Shop Vitamin E cream doesn’t do it for my unpredictable/aging skin anymore, so I’m in between face cream stuff (does the whole world need to know this?) and have been using that heavy Gold Bond hand cream until I figure out the next face thing. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth

    I think I’ll try it, too. If they sell it in The Other Portland. I thought I was the only one with dark circles so bad they require spackle. First thing this morning, Isaac pulled at my cheeks and said, “Mama, I love your squishy skin.” Hmm. Is that a compliment? Maybe Yes to Carrots will de-squishify me.

  3. Julie

    Most of my other skin care stuff is Juice Beauty, which they also sell at Target now. I do like all of that, too.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a kid who plays with her skin. Eli likes to play with my belly flab, to push it in and then say, “Pop!” when it flurbs back out again. Nice.

    And I am still looking for some miracle eye cream that will make me look more awake. But I’m starting to realize that the only thing that will really get rid of these dark circles is more sleep, which is not scheduled to happen until…hang on, let me check my calendar…NEVER.


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