Zuzu in the bath

by | Mar 27, 2009 | Zuzu | 5 comments

Here are your weekly Zuzu photos, as well as proof that I do bathe her.

Eli likes to help.

Eli likes to help.

Here is is laughing: Ho ho ho!

Here she is laughing: "Ho ho ho!"

And you get a bonus video of splashing!


  1. Beth

    Love her splashing in the bath! She was putting forth great effort–Alessandro and I were impressed. What a cutie.

  2. Christina

    That top one of her- looks like she is lounging poolside in Palm Beach with Eli as her pool boy attendant- So cute! Nora loves watching the Zuzu videos!

  3. emily

    and that old clavicle seems to be healing up just fine! see?

  4. Aunt Sandra

    Such a precious little girl, and SO cute! I’m glad to be getting to see her more often!

  5. Kate

    Hugh watched the Zuzu video about 10 times with my mom today and just loved it (she did too, “what delightful chubbiness!”). He found out that he’ll be a big brother again, so he was interested to watch a baby in action. So much fun splashing!


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