Big-Eyed Boys

by | Mar 20, 2009 | Eli, Henry | 3 comments

What fisheye lens did I use to take this photo? This picture freaks me out because he looks so much like me here (except I don’t have the cute nose freckles) that it’s a very odd feeling of looking at myself as a five-year-old boy.

You can see why people are always commenting on Eli’s eyelashes.


  1. Kate

    Freaky, isn’t it? I have moments when I look at Hugh and think that I’m looking at a boy version of myself. Hugh is the one in our family with the ridiculous eyelashes (so that’s not me!). How is it that boys always seem to have them??!?

  2. Julie

    Hugh totally looks like you. Honestly, I get a little freaked out looking at him. It’s like this tunnel back to my childhood.

  3. Kate

    I get the same thing with you and Henry. I see you in him in every picture and it’s just amazing.


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