Dance Madness

by | Jan 29, 2010 | Eli, Henry, Zuzu | 1 comment

We’ve been compiling Eli’s birthday CD. While Henry’s birthday CDs always tend toward the alt-folk-country genre, Eli has requested that all the songs on his CD be “loud” and also danceable. We’ve been testing the second factor as best we can.

Ok, so this first one isn’t so much for the dancing as to show how I get Eli to get some exercise when the weather isn’t suitable for outside play (this was on Monday, when it was pouring). He basically just runs in circles (although there’s certainly some dancing in there).

Here was a song that Eli and Henry thought needed some spoons. You can see Eli helpfully tried to give Zuzu a spoon, too, but that was not at all what she wanted. (Wow, you can barely even hear the song on this one; it’s “Happy Hour” by the Housemartins.)

And what I like best about this one (besides the fact that “Town Called Malice” is perhaps the danciest, boppiest song ever) is the fact that both Henry and Eli have created their own Peanuts character dances.

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  1. Anne

    Love it! That third video reminds me so much of my sisters and me at approximately the same ages. Betsy and Mary would be dancing away merrily together while I, the baby, sort of hung to the side and tried to get a little bop in here and there. Except I was certainly not as cute nor decked out quite as fashionably as Zuzu.


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