First snow of the season

by | Dec 9, 2008 | Eli, Henry, Zuzu | 1 comment

We got our first snow on Sunday. Henry continued his habit of speaking like a British kid from 1906 by looking out the window in the morning and shouting, “Hooray! Oh, hooray! Eli! Eli! Oh, it has snowed!” (Eli, later, continued his habit of speaking like a visitor from the country of Randomland by insistently repeating, “Football is a one-person game.”)

Henry’s favorite season is Snow and so he dragged Eli and Dave outside to make snow animals. We only really got a dusting, so they were very small snow animals. A snow frog (do you like how Dave mixed water and paint to make the frog green?):

A snow penguin:

And a snow polar bear:

The boys totally picked the right parent to make snow animals, because I would have lost patience for mini animal building after about ten minutes. Dave said he did have to draw the line when they wanted snow giraffes.

Eli remembered that what he likes about Snow Season is that he can channel his inner John Henry and shovel all the live long day. And Zuzu basically wondered what on earth was happening and why was her crazy family bringing her outside when it was so cold that bits of frozen coldness were falling from the sky. She had also gotten her first tooth on Saturday (yay, Zu!) so she was probably thinking the whole world was upside down (though this is probably what being a baby is like every day).

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  1. Sarah Swain

    i knew your kids would be geni (is that the plural library lady?, you should put those on t-shirts. the intoxicated penguin is my favorite.


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