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Why do I let myself get all worked up about stupid Halloween costumes? This year Eli wanted to be a crossing guard, and I scoured the internet until I found just the thing (which is, in fact, a real crossing guard outfit, since it turns out no other child in the history of Halloween has ever wanted a manufactured crossing guard costume before). Henry wanted to be an alien penguin, and since I predictably couldn’t find that anywhere on the internet, he promised he’d make it himself out of paper on the day of. Which he did end up doing, but then (realistically) decided that the paper costume was a little crazy, and he’d just be a spider like last year. And then at the last second Eli decided to be Eeyore, like two years ago.

The only one who kept her original costume was Zuzu, and that’s because the costume we already had in her size was foisted upon her without any input on her end. I didn’t even really explain the Halloween concept to her, just shoved her into the turtle costume (complete with its prominently missing snap, as you can see in the photo). I really think any normal kid would have freaked out at this point (“You’re making me be a turtle, when I should be going to bed? And you’re adding a turtle headpiece?”), but Zuzu acted like this was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was so psyched to be walking around dressed up as a turtle. Here they are all gussied up:

And here’s a 4-second video where I tried to capture how happy and determined Zuzu was to be turtled. Note that it’s only 4 seconds long because she was so determined, that she just walked right out of the room.

The other great thing was how much she got into the actual trick-or-treating. She happily climbed the stairs at each house (all six of them we went to), and after getting candy, happily waved goodbye. There were also a few houses where it became clear that she didn’t get the concept at all, because, as the candy-giver was getting her some candy, Zuzu was looking through her goody bag to see what she could give in exchange. She kept trying to trade.

It’s a good thing we only went to six houses, because the boys had eaten all of their candy before 7:00 the next morning.

And we only got two trick-or-treaters. Why? Swine flu scare? Saturday night Halloween? I was ready to give the whole bowl of candy to Trick-or-Treater #3, but no one ever showed up to be the lucky one.

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  1. Christina

    That is so cute- they all look so cute! Just that 4 sec video is a hit in our house- Nora just loves watching Zuzu. She imitates her making that “heh heh” sound on the one you posted of her walking with books!


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