Happy bath girl

by | Apr 17, 2009 | Eli, Henry, Zuzu | 5 comments

Last night we put Zuzu in the regular bathtub for the first time. She was so incredibly excited to be out of her in-sink lounge chair and was all grins. The boys were totally fascinated by the idea of Zuzu in the bath, and now everyone keeps asking for more baths, all day long.


  1. liz

    i can’t let myself become the person who constantly comments, “aw! how cute!” but i have to say it. also, there is clearly some kind of sanctioned graffiti going on in your bathroom, and i like it.

  2. Julie

    I think the bathroom is the one room where we’ve let ourselves go. At some point we’ll re-do it, and then it will be yet another spot in the house where we get all hyperventilatey if the kids are even mildly considering eating peanut butter any time soon. But for now: “Can we smoosh black beans?” In the bathtub! “Can we squirt shaving cream?” In the bathtub! “Can we draw on the walls?” In the bathtub! “I have to pee! I have to pee!” In the bathtub!

  3. Aunt Sandra

    What a great family photo! I love the adoring looks of the two older brothers!

  4. LoriO

    That is the happiest baby ever!

    My co-worker told me a story of how when she was growing up, her parents gave her permission to write or draw anything on her bedroom walls, as long as she didn’t use crayons. Her entire room became a chronicle of her life and was a big hit with all her friends.

  5. Julie

    Wow, I wish I was cool enough to give the kids permission to draw on their walls. Though they do change their room (that is, move into a different room) about every two years, so the whole house would be a mess by the end.


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