Happy Halloween

by | Oct 31, 2008 | Eli, Henry | 2 comments

Eli and Henry are planning on being spiders today, despite Eli’s earnest insistence for the last week or so that he’s going to be a cannonball. (He’s a cannonball every day, regardless.) This past weekend we carved up some jack-o-lanterns. First they each drew faces on to the pumpkins (we didn’t let Zuzu have a chance yet, what with her current inability to hold onto a pen for too long).

Henry's Pumpkin

In addition to eyes, a nose, and teeth, Henry also gave his pumpkin ears (one of them is off to the left, the other has wandered over to the teeth). There’s also hair above the eyes, though that’s harder to see.

Elis pumpkin

Eli's pumpkin

Eli’s pumpkin has two distinct eyes and some hair above them. Harder to discern is the bellybutton (that sort of C-shaped bit near the bottom), and the mouth, which is around the bellybutton.

finished pumpkins

finished pumpkins

And here, in an amateurishly blurry photo, are the finished products (Eli’s on the left, Henry’s on the right). Eli insisted on ears once Dave started carving. Eli’s also has hair behind that you can’t see (he drew a round scribble on the back and said he had drawn “the back” which Dave interpreted as hair). I love how Henry’s turned out just as he drew it.

Don’t eat too much candy!


  1. Clog

    Love the pumpkins! Remember when I made you go trick or treating as a TV since I was running the school book fair….. “Turn Off the TV and Read a Book” was your sign or something like that. You were furious with me as you thought the costume was a pretty lame.

  2. Julie

    Not only was the television costume lame, but I had coat hangers digging into my head, since the antenna (coat hangers) for the TV went into the cardboard box right where it rested on my head. I feel like I had a history of cumbersome costumes. Remember when I was in fifth grade and you dressed me in a giant box painted like a car, attached to me by suspenders, with “MIDDLE SCHOOL OR BUST!” written on the side? I don’t think it was the coolest of costumes, but the teachers liked it.


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