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In the bathtub:

Henry: Do you want to grow up, Eli?
Eli: No.
Henry: But you have to grow up. Everyone has to grow up. You can’t stop it from happening.
Eli: I don’t wanna.
Henry: But Eli! When you grow up, you get birthdays! And birthday parties! Don’t you want a birthday party?
Eli: No.
Henry: But Eli! At your birthday parties, you get presents. You get presents until you are a grownup.
Julie [interjecting from kitchen, where she’s making dinner]: Actually, you get presents on your birthday when you’re a grownup too.
Henry: Eli! Eli! You get presents on your birthday when you’re a grownup too! Don’t you want to have a birthday party and presents?
Eli: No. I don’t like parties.
Henry: But you’ll get a balloon. Don’t you want a balloon?
Eli: No. I don’t wanna balloon. I don’t like parties. I don’t wanna grow up.

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  1. Beth

    Julie, I love this. Isn’t it hard sometimes when you hear your kids saying impossible stuff that makes complete sense? Not wanting to grow up is a perfectly logical response to life, if you ask me. Eli is just thinking ahead.


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