Paging Eugene Ionesco

by | Oct 7, 2008 | Eli | 3 comments

Here’s a snippet of the absurdist drama that is life with kids:

6:00 a.m.

Eli: So what else is there?

Julie [mostly asleep]: What?

Eli: What else?

Julie: What else of what?

Eli: There’s excavators, and dumptrucks, and loaders. What else?

Julie [face still smashed into pillow, burrowing deeper into covers]: Cement mixers.

Eli: What else?

Julie: Forklifts.

Eli: Where?

Julie: What?

Eli: Where is the forklift?

Julie: What are we talking about?

Eli: Show it to me.

Julie: What?

Eli: Get up. Read me a book.

Julie [sighing]: Oh, alright.


  1. Sutswana

    This was absolutely hilarious.
    Maybe now you need to share the bit about Macy. Can you do that w/o offending anyone? Possibly it would lose its humor amid necessary explanations…

  2. admin

    I keep thinking the bit about Macy involves too much backstory to make it as instantly entertaining as it could be.

  3. julie

    was just looking around this site,and found my name my partners name (eli) and buddy one of three children


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