Math-challenged woman in Monument Square

Remember when the Summer Jar had us cavorting around Portland last week? I had a funny run-in with a woman in Monument Square, which is chronicled on Liz’s other website, Overheard in Portland. Go read.

He is his father’s son

Julie: [finishing up a long, boring parental lecture] “…and that is why it is our responsibility, our duty, to keep our fish alive.” [pause] [pause] Henry: “Doody. Ha!”

She’s Actual Size, But She Seems Much Bigger to Me.

The other day I was working at the computer, and Eli behind me said, “Mom, you’re huge! You’re huge, Mom!” I decided to ignore him rather than go into a whole lecture about how it’s not nice to tell someone she’s huge, and that...

Kid snippets from this week

Eli: “I find sidewalks to be quite boring. I think we should buy a sidewalk plow.” ******* Henry came downstairs, and his pants were on backwards. I said, “Hey, your pants are on backwards.” He looked down, saw the two back pockets right there...